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Antec Vortex 360 ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler


  • Highly Efficient Cooling Pump
  • Suspended Spiral Pump Head Design
  • EPDM High-Density Tubing
  • Antec Fusion PWM ARGB Fan
  • 2800±10% RPM Fan Speed
  • Included ARGB Controller Working in Sync with the Motherboard

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The Antec VORTEX 360 is a new liquid cooling solution that provides great performance as well as stunning looks. The suspended spiral pump head, which resembles a vortex, not only provides exceptional cooling but also creates intriguing lighting effects from various perspectives.

A very efficient cooling pump at the heart of this cooler provides optimal heat dissipation and the EPDM high-density tube increases durability and reduces liquid loss, resulting in constant performance. The addition of 13 massive fins improves heat dispersion and keeps your system cool.

Weight 2.332 kg
Dimensions 45 × 13.5 × 22 cm
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