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Antec Storm 120mm Case Fan


  • Highly Efficient
  • Air-Concentrating Design
  • PWM Daisy-Chain Design
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan
  • Spiral Shuriken Frame Style
  • Vibration-Absorbing & Anti-Noise Pads

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The Antec Storm 120 Case Fan is the pinnacle of cooling innovation, designed to push the performance of your system to new heights. This fan integrates a fusion of cutting-edge technology that delivers outstanding cooling efficiency while preserving a calm acoustic environment. The FDB Bearing Fan technology, renowned for its whisper-quiet operation and long lifespan, is at the core of the Storm 120. Your system will remain calm and collected even during intense tasks due to reduced friction and wear. Vibration and sound are reduced to near-inaudible levels thanks to anti-vibration pads, ensuring that your computing experience is as peaceful as it is powerful. With the clever Daisy-Chain Design, you can say goodbye to cable mess and simplify the installation of numerous fans at the same time. Cable management becomes easier, allowing you to focus on improving the performance of your system.

Weight 0.192 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 3 × 14 cm
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